Top Maintenance & Coming Soon plugins for WordPress

Are you currently working on a website that uses WordPress? Every website eventually needs maintenance and a redesign.

In this day and age, you should be doing that more often. It could take a few days or weeks to change the website’s style, make any necessary design adjustments, and add, modify, or remove various website components.

It’s possible that you don’t want visitors to your site landing on a 404 page while you’re working on it. This will not only give a negative impression, but it may also have a significant effect on your SEO. If you want a specific plugin to help with that, you should check out WP 301 Redirects.

As of 2022, WordPress’s three best maintenance plugins are the following.

1. WP Maintenance Mode

Using WP Maintenance Mode, you may show a maintenance page on your website when somebody comes. You’ll want to install this plugin if you have a WordPress site in 2022.

Breaking links and slowing down your website can result from adjusting the position, installing new plugins, or purchasing a new design. While your visitors are scrolling through your website, the WP Maintenance Mode plugin will keep it looking presentable.

To inform your visitors that you are currently working on optimizing your website, you can use this plugin to set up a maintenance page. It’s possible to put only a few pages on hold with this plugin. That means you will still receive organic traffic even if only a few of your website’s pages are displayed.

2. UnderConstruction Page

In 2022, you should also check out UnderConstruction Page, an amazing maintenance mode plugin. For the fastest and most professional under-construction page possible, use this tool.

Instead of a 404 error page, your site visitors will get a maintenance page that will let them know when they may expect to view the finished product. All of this may be done right from the dashboard. You can build up a landing page for your business while under construction with UnderConstruction Page.

There are pre-made templates if you don’t feel confident enough in your design skills. No matter what type of website you’re running, you can discover the right template for it. But, if you make a mistake with your design, don’t worry. The WP Reset plugin is perfect for taking your website to square one.

3. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Not all pages should be hidden while you work on your website. Using Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode, you can effortlessly enable and cancel the coming soon mode on any page you choose. Additionally, the plugin’s interface gives you access to traffic analytics.

Social media has been included in the design. You’ll be able to expand your customer base and the scope of your business. You can test various themes before deciding to use them on your website. This plugin allows you to tailor the layout to your WordPress site’s specifications.

It’s possible to design your logo, header, backdrop, content, and more using them. The countdown option is one of the most creative aspects of this maintenance plugin.

Countdown dates and times can be added, and the size and color of the numbers can be customized, to name just a few options. With this great tool at your disposal, promoting a brand new product, website redesign, or event is easy.


Anyone who intends to devote significant time and effort to their website should install a maintenance plugin as soon as possible.

These are the greatest maintenance plugins if you’re seeking something. This is the best method to keep some portions of your website secret while still attracting visitors.