Know about Xbox Series X release date, pre-order date, specifications, prices, and games

Xbox Series x is undoubtedly one of the most significant product by Microsoft ever. There should be no surprise thus to see so much anticipation around Xbox series x release date. The latest news around this is that Xbox Series x is going to be released on 10th November 2020. This is the very same day as of the Xbox Series S with comparatively lower level specs. Go through the below sections for complete details on Xbox series x pre-order date and other aspects.

When to order after Xbox Series x release date has been announced?

Excitement among the fans to hold the device is at the peak after the Xbox series x release date announced. It is here to note that the pre-ordering process for Xbox Series x is going to start from 22nd September. From price perspective, the Xbox Series X is going to cost $499 from the stores.

Those willing to have it through monthly plans can have a Series X through the Xbox All Access program. The advantage is that it allows the user to lease the console and has 24 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It starts only $34.99 per month.

Details of Xbox Series X pre-order date

As the Xbox series x pre-order date has been announced to be 22nd September, many fans have started enquiring about how to obtain one. The simplest answer for this is to reach the major retailers in close proximity. However, those having signed up for the Xbox All Access now can eventually get upgraded to Series X. This process is set to start from November this year. 

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Xbox x series specifications 

It is true that fans got to know about the release date recently. But, the Xbox x series specifications were already available on official Xbox Wire back in February. It came up with greater details in March.  Xbox X series brings an AMD Zen 2 RDNA GPU along 12 teraflops of power. It runs through 16 GB RAM. The device comes with a massive 1 TB SSD, which makes it thoroughly optimized for gaming purposes.

Ever since the Xbox release date has become apparent, gaming freaks have been speculating about its features. In this context, the Xbox x is going to support ray tracing and 4K UHD Blu-ray discs as well. On a comparative note, the Xbox Series x specs stay a little ahead of its other contemporaries, like PS5. To be specific, it stays ahead from a graphic point of view with 12 teraflops of power.

On the other hand, PS5 manages to afford only 10.3 teraflops. Similar is the case about its 1TB SSD, which stays much ahead of 825 GB SSD with PS5. There is so much hype around SSD as these are way faster in comparison with the traditional drives. According to experts, a console SSD holds every possibility to be much smarter in comparison with the PC SSD.

Updates about Xbox Series S

At the same time enquiring about the Xbox release date, fans are equally enthusiastic about the Xbox Series S. The good news is that Xbox Series X is going to be accompanied by the Xbox Series S. Those uninitiated, Series S is a $299 console promising next-generation gaming coming at much nominal price.

The Series S has many distinguishing aspects, be it about its ability to play games at around 1440p and 120 frames per second, or the handy features like ray tracing and efficient SSD loading. The only point where it stays behind Xbox series x is with its hard drive; Xbox Series S comes with a hard drive at just 512 GB, which is indeed much smaller in comparison to 1TB hard drive of Xbox Series X. 

Keeping the huge demand for the Xbox Series x, many gaming freaks fear whether they can have one in near future. Also, the price seems a bit higher for some. No need is to worry as a potentially smaller and cost-effective Xbox x is already on the process of development. According to reports, its name is going to be “Lockheart.”

As per the report, this upcoming device may cost around 100 dollars lesser in comparison with a complete Xbox Series X. However, it will come with comparatively lesser power. Indeed, this is going to be a product with comparatively smaller profile. But, there will be complete access to whole range of games and services of Xbox Series X. Interestingly, this is also is going to include Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud.

Updates about Xbox Series X games

Among the whole Xbox Series X games already confirmed, Halo Infinite is speculated to be the largest. It is here to note that initially there were releasing plans of Halo Infinite with Xbox Series X. However, the fans will have to wait for it until 2021. In fact, Microsoft itself has been enthusiastic about creating some buzz around the massive backward compatibility feature of Xbox Series X, rather than any specific new game. The following abstract throws more light on backward compatibility feature of Xbox Series X.

According to Microsoft, the entire Xbox One games and accessories are going to do well with the Xbox Series X. This comprises the whole of most popular Xbox One games and the various Xbox and Xbox 360 titles with backward compatibility with Xbox One. Microsoft also claims that the backward compatible titles are going to enjoy greater frame rates, as well as a resolution on Xbox Series X.

Best part, all these are not going to demand any additional developer work. Another exciting part about the backward compatibility feature of Xbox Series X is that it might be significant in terms of enhancing the old games, going much ahead of their parameters of original performance. 

All said and done, Xbox series x gives every reason to be in the news. With Xbox series x release date impending, the excitement seems to be doubled. Hence, the fans can simply go for pre-ordering as sooner as possible, the way explained above.

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