Great Ways to Increase Traffic on Your WordPress Site

Watching your site’s traffic dwindle can be highly frustrating, especially if you have a product to sell or some wonderful content to share with the world.

Thankfully, there are some effective approaches you can take to extend your reach in relatively little time.

Moreover, many of these methods and techniques are highly cost-effective, so if you need to keep your eye on the bank account, there is no need to let that stand in the way of your ultimate vision of success.

WordPress has many great features and plugins waiting patiently to be utilized, so why start exploring today?

Why is Traffic Important?

The value of site traffic is simple enough to understand, in that the more visitors you have to your website, the greater the likelihood you will be able to sell products, get your content noticed, and expand the borders of your company.

However, there are many other good reasons to consider, such as the opportunity to build better professional relationships, encourage repeat custom, or potentially increase ad revenue.

Start with the Practicalities

The very first thing you should look at is site speed. Mobile visitors, especially, will be gone if your site doesn’t load nearly instantly. Keeping your pages light helps, but you should also make sure you pick good web hosting, especially if you run a CMS like WordPress.  

If your website is hard to navigate, you will probably manage to scare away visitors in fairly little time.

The best websites are not only great to look at, but they are incredibly easy to navigate, understand and read, while at the same time, help direct visitors without being too obvious or intrusive.

Focusing on the basics like functionality and accessibility is a superb way of making your website available to everyone, no matter what their particular circumstances happen to be.

If you needed some extra help in this area but did not know where to turn for help, it might be worth enlisting in the wonderful services of Pronto Marketing, as their expertise in WordPress and link building nuance might be able to give your site the edge it needs to flourish.

A website that is a joy to use can convince customers to return, increase the likelihood that they will have a great experience, and hopefully allow your content, products, or services to shine out like they deserve, free from the distraction of a poorly optimized backend.


WordPress is supremely popular for a vast array of reasons, not least of all their great selection of plugins.

It might be worth taking a look at some of the options that can help optimize your website and make it easier for users to engage with.

This might include WP Super cache, as this helps speed up your site’s loading time, along with a range of other factors, or WP Smush, as this can decrease the size of images without affecting their quality, making it a good choice for picture-heavy sites.

There are so many plugins to choose from; it is worth spending some time figuring out which options best suit your particular needs because chances are, there will be one waiting.

You might want to think about avoiding the addition of too many plugins; however, as if you use too many at once, they can interfere with each other and slow down your website or make it impossible to use properly.


The quest for high-quality content is perhaps the bane of many a website owner, as original, well-written, and relevant posts can make all the difference between a popular site and one that is disregarded as a phony.

The content will be the deciding factor in many cases, so it is certainly worth revisiting your pages to make sure your posts are fresh and engaging. You might want to note such points as:

  • The Quality of the Writing – Content riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and formatting anomalies can paint the authenticity of your website in an incredibly bad light. Learning to proofread and make edits is vital. It may even be worth taking some creative writing advice and forgetting about being precious when it comes to the editing process.
  • Register is Key – Who is your audience? This is one of the most important questions in all of business, regardless of the industry. Finding out who your audience is will affect the way you write content, as forms, registers, and vocabularies will need to adapt based on the preferences of the demographic you expect to appeal to.
  • The Layout – It is not just the writing or the images themselves that need to be nurtured, but also the layout and their position in relation to the rest of the page. Even if your words were breathtaking visions of beauty, if they are laid out badly, or they are difficult to read on the page, it will likely deter visitors in the first instance.
  • Regularity – Posting new content to the website regularly is crucial, as it can be used as a marketing tool to extend your reach, particularly when you pick up a few SEO skills along the way.

Guest Blogging

Building bridges is an important part of business, and the world of digital marketing is no different.

Guest blogging can be a wonderful way of reaching out to a previously established audience in order to convince them to check out your own website.

There are many tips and tricks at your disposal, and the more you put in, the more you will likely get out.