Facts About Apple Watch Series 6 and Know Apple Watch 6 release date

It seems like Apple is all set to release its new Apple Watch 6. Even though the company has not officially confirmed the apple watch 6 release date, the fans are eagerly waiting for the watch. Apple will soon launch its new iPhone 12, and you can expect to see more than just one device from Apple on its 15th September launch event. So, it can be said that on that day, you all can get the first look for Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple gave a hint about the Watch 6 when the company introduced Watch OS 7. Even though it has made available for older Apple Watches, the new Watch OS 7 has some features that are developed keeping the smartwatch in mind. So, you can now assume what will be the possible features in Apple Watch Series 6. Now, keep reading to know more about the watch and bout Apple Watch series 6 release date.

Design of the Apple Watch 6

Some reports state that the design of the Watch 6 will be like the Apple Watch Series 5. But you can expect some major improvements this time. Some rumors have suggested that the new watch will come with a new screen type. That means, while the Watch 5 has an OLED display, the Watch 6 may come with a Micro LED.


If it is correct, then the new watch will be more power-efficient and can offer better battery life. Besides, it is also expected that the watch will comes in new color options, finishes, and casings. For example, the titanium casing option. On the other hand, some market experts have predicted that there would be the Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology in the watch. Till now, no watch has this particular feature.

All the Apple watches have Force Touch hardware. But with its new Watch OS 7, Apple has decided to remove this feature. If there will be no Force Touch feature, the Watch 6 will look thinner or may come with a battery. Besides, you can also expect some other sensors inside. All are now waiting for the apple watch series 6 release date to know about the features that the Watch 6 has.

Health features in the new Apple Watch Series 6

Even though it is not officially announced, the new Apple Watch 6 may come with a temperature tracker. This was earlier spotted in a patent submitted by Apple. This feature can help you in Yoga tracking, and you will be able to judge your yoga poses and your body’s energy expenditure level. Some reports also have suggested that there would be a native sleep tracking feature.

Talking about another rumored feature of the Watch 6 it might be the blood oxygen level detection feature. So, how would it work? If the oxygen level is 95 to 100 percent, then it would be considered healthy. If the level goes down below 80 percent, then it may lead to different heart issues. This new feature would work just like the heart rate feature that is there in all Apple watches.

Even though Apple Watch Series 5 and 4 have ECG- Electrocardiogram feature, the Watch 6 would come with an improved version of the ECG feature. The previous watches currently support ECG reading that supports heart rates between 100 to 120 beats.

Sleep tracking features

All thank the Watch OS 7 beta; the Apple Watch 6 and other models will get sleep tracking features. With the new feature, the users can now set their schedule, analyze the sleep, and can set the Wind Down and Sleep Goal. Besides, there will also be Sleep Mode. 

The release date for the Watch 6

Well, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected Apple’s launch schedule. That’s why Apple delayed its iPhone 12 launch date. So, this can also happen with Apple Watch 6. Some sources have informed that the Apple Watch 6 would be released by the end of October.

However, some other reports suggest that the apple watch 6 release date can be 15th September. But Apply has not informed about any official release date yet.

Now, what about the cost? It is expected that the watch may cost at least as much as the Watch 5. That means the starting price would be around USD 399 or AU$649.

Should you go wait for the Watch 6 or buy the Watch 5?

This can be a little confusing. For now, the actual release date of Watch 6 is unknown. You may have to wait for around one or two months for this. If you can wait, then you can go for Apple Watch 6. Besides, after the launch of the Watch 6, the price of the Watch 5 may go down. So, based on your budget, you can buy any one of them.