Samsung CLP-680ND Driver Optimizes Your Administrative Works 

Printing a document, the colored one in particular requires a printer that has a good print resolution. Thus, you have to select a printer with high-quality features like the Samsung CLP-680ND driver. The output will become more captivating when you print a colored document with this device. 

Aside from its resolution, print speed also has an essential role in optimizing your paperwork. Normally color printers come with fast print speed and other adequate features. Therefore, you should check the features that the printer has before you purchase it. 

Key Features of Samsung CLP-680ND driver

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Before you judge the quality of a printer, you need to know what kind of features it offers. The Samsung CLP-680ND provides key features that optimize the result. Whether you print monochrome or colored documents, you can feel its marvelous performance. 

Eco Driver

It is not that easy to find a printer that can save energy and paper. However, it is possible to save paper, energy, and toner if you utilize the eco button on the Samsung CLP-680ND printer. 

Mobile Print

An easy way to print documents is from mobile devices. You can freely print documents from your mobile phone once you install the Mobile Print app. It is the smart trick that Samsung CLP-680ND offers. 

Duty Cycle

The Samsung CLP-680ND can print up to 60.000 pages every month. Besides, its optimal input tray is 250 sheets and the output tray is 150 sheets. A bypass tray can hold 50 sheets. 

Duplex Printing

If you want to save paper, you have to take advantage of the duplex printing feature. You can print both sides of the paper with this feature.

You just need to press the Eco button, then it will configure the printer in duplex and grayscale mode. 

Printing Technology

Just like other modern printers, the Samsung CLP-680ND uses laser technology with a Dual CPU of 533 MHz. Standard Memory is 256 MB with the maximum memory reaching 512 MB. Printer languages applied in this device include PCL 6, PCL 5C, PDF V1.7, SPL-C, and Postscript 3.

Other features that enrich its color quality are the rendering engine and polymerized toner. These features effectively boost the quality of the image. No wonder the output looks more vivid, brighter, and sharper. 

Samsung CLP-680ND Driver’s Detailed Attributes

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Anyone who wants to enjoy printing documents with Samsung CLP-680ND must inspect the detailed attributes thoroughly.

Recognizing the attributes of this color printer in detail will convince you that Samsung CLP-680ND is the one you need. 


When you want to print a document, you can connect it via USB or ethernet.


Probably you will need someone else’s help to carry this device since its weight is 20.1 kg with dimensions 41.9 x 45.2 x31.2 cm.

Media Handling

The standard size of paper that Samsung CLP-680ND can handle is 7.6 x 12.7 cm up to 21.6 x 35.6 cm. This printer can hold the paper with an ideal weight of 60 to 220 gsm.

It can print any type of paper such as plain, thick, thin, cardstock, envelope, label, bond, archive, hole punched, letterhead, preprinted, transparency, cotton, colored, recycled, and glossy paper. 

Control Panel

This high-quality printer has a control panel that includes a 2-Line LCD, pin pad, soft power button, and 4 status LED lights. 

Power Consumption

To operate Samsung CLP-680ND, you must provide a power supply of 110-127 Volts for AC power. It consumes 1 Watt in sleep mode, 10 Watt in standby mode, and 450 Watt in printing mode. 


An optimal resolution that Samsung CLP-680ND can provide is 9600 x 600 dpi.


Its performance is quite fast with a print speed of 25 ppm and the first print speed is less than 17 seconds. 

Considering all features in the Samsung CLP-680ND driver is important to know whether the device is really what you need. Since all people have their own preferences and needs in selecting printers.