Samsung ML-1660 driver with Smart Features and Elegant Exterior Design

If you have trouble determining which printer you should purchase, you have to know whether you will use it for high or low daily print volume. For low-intensity of print jobs, the Samsung ML-1660 driver is a perfect choice. 

Usually, printers for high-intensity print jobs have high specifications. It doesn’t mean that the printer for low print jobs volume has low specifications. Samsung ML-1660 printer is an example of a printer with good specification even though it suits print jobs in low volume. 

Samsung ML-1660 Driver Offering Smart Key Features

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It is common to check out the features of a product before we purchase it. In this case, you have to know what kind of features the Samsung ML-1660possesses. These key features become the main reason why you should pick this printer. 

Stylish Design

Principally, the Samsung ML-1660 printer is a monochrome laser printer that has a beautiful design. Apart from its printing ability, the Samsung ML-1660 has another function which is to beautify your workspace. 

Its glossy black polish and compact design reflect an elegant style. This glossy top can become dust-free protection. Its tiny size of 241 x 394 x 278 mm will not take up space in your home office. You can lift it on your own because it is less heavy with a weight of 4.2 kg. 

Energy Saving Mode

Despite monochrome laser technology, the Samsung ML-1660 driver can work efficiently by saving energy.

You can see the energy-saving button nearby the power button. When you want to print a file, you just need to press the button again. 

One-Touch Print

You can print anything displayed on your monitor conveniently with one touch. You just have to press the print screen button on the control panel, and the Samsung ML-1660 will print the object activated on the monitor. It is a quick way to print.

Anyweb Print Software

Apparently, Samsung ML-1660 comes with Anyweb Print Software that enables you to search any object on the internet and print it right away.

With this software, you can pick and drop any content from the website onto a printable area and print it. 

Product Details of Samsung ML-1660 Driver

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If you want to know about Samsung ML-1660 better, you have to check its product details first. You can see the capability of this device to handle your daily paperwork. Of course, the product details become parameters to assess its quality.

Paper Handling

The Samsung ML-1660 printer can print any type of paper such as envelopes, recycled paper, preprinted, plain paper, labels, and transparencies. It can handle media sizes in A4, B5, C5, A5, C6, Dl, Legal, Letter, Executive, and 210 x 297 mm. 

It can hold paper weight at 60 to 163 g/m². The optimal capacity of input is 150 sheets while output is 100 sheets. However, the duty cycle for a month is 5000 pages. 


To print a text or graphic with a clear result, you can adjust the resolution to its maximum grade which is 600 x 1200 dpi.

Print Speed

For a small monochrome printer, the Samsung ML-1660 shows amazing performance with a print speed of 16 ppm. It requires a warm-up time of around 30 seconds. The time it takes to print the first page is 8.5 seconds.


It has one USB port, so you can print any document by connecting the device with a USB. 


The reason behind its fine performance is the processor of 150 MHz and internal memory of 8 MB. 

Noise Level

The noise level in printing mode is 49 dB and the noise in standby mode is 25 dB. 

Power Consumption

Power consumption is 3 Watt in off mode, 60 Watt in standby mode, and 350 Watt in printing mode. You need to provide an AC input voltage of 220 to 240 Volt to power up this printer. 

Any kind of printer is good. But you have to choose wisely based on your needs. If you only use it for low-volume print jobs, then you can pick the elegant Samsung ML-1660 driver.