New Version: What’s new in WordPress 5.6

WordPress version 5.6 has been released very recently and has so many cool features. New default theme named Twenty Twenty-one, automatic update feature, so many editing options, application passwords with key and many other changes have been implemented on this new version. Let us dive into the super fun features of this new version WordPress 5.6 that has attracted so many Tech savvy.

1.      New default theme

One among the awesome features of WordPress 5.6 update is the new default theme which is generally named after the year, and so now it is called Twenty Twenty-one theme. Thanks to the block editor which will help you build the complicated layout in an easy and cool way. Twenty Twenty-one theme is built in a very pleasing and refreshing way with a pastel green colour background. The theme also comes in both light and dark mode with changeable font colours for each mode that makes the editing so much easier, simple and straightforward. Another adorable feature is that you can select your favourite pastel colour from a pastel palette that gives you a variety of shades. The customisation cannot be more thrilling than in this update of WordPress. Once you change the theme, the font colour will automatically adjust with the background colour according to AAA standards of contrast, which can be changed according to your desire.

Speaking about the makers of this wonderful version, the WordPress 5.6 update was designed by Mel Choyce-Dwan and further built by a development team under the lead Carolina Nymark with the addition of 600 volunteers. This new default theme has cleared all the highly specialised web standards and in compliance with WordPress accessibility-ready guidelines.

2.      Automatic updates

One of the disadvantages of WordPress 5.5 is that it only updates the minor plugins automatically, making the other major update as chore. To make us feel relieved, with this new version we can enable the automatic update of major releases of WordPress too in a safe and secure fashion. All you have to do is to activate the auto update option, and you can sit back.

The option to enable the auto update can be accessed through dashboard and it is totally our choice to activate it or not. Since the option has its own pros and cons, think twice before you activate it. If you are not involved in WordPress hosting, and working in a managed WordPress hosting, you do not have to bother much as WordPress can automatically update the version for you.

3.      Application password

Application passwords are not meant for login into your account rather to protect certain parts of your website. If you want to give access to the third party without giving away your passwords, then this feature can be your life saver. This feature will allow you to generate keys and these keys can be shared to the users. Keys are not complicated though and it comes in a very familiar format. It can be revoked by the third party for an easy and simple access to the website.

After this update, many platforms can copy the same and being aware of what’s going on will be safe to manage things. Yet, WordPress uses cookies and nonce keys to verify the authorized users to revoke the keys. Revoking the key is very simple and it can be done anytime by the third party. This option can be accessed through your profile page just like every other major social networking website.

4.      Block editor enhancement

There are several improvements implemented in WordPress 5.6 for editing the blog. As the people creating blogs and websites are increasing day by day, this cool feature can benefit everyone to customize and edit their blogs according to their own needs. A new category switcher has been added to the pattern panel and by using this you can find switch the pattern and can match it with the available themes.

There is a new block search option available which can help you find the block with the appropriate keyword. It can also help you in discovering the block from block libraries or from any third-party plugins. Also, a new information panel is existing which will talk about the numbers. The count of character, words, headings, paragraphs and blocks can be found in this panel.

WordPress 5.6 version allows you to pick a colour for the text and the background for each of your blocks to make it quirkier. Also new styles have been added to the display of social media icons and a click on it can open it in another window. Improvements are made on adding captions and subtitles to the uploaded videos within the page or post and can be easily edited according to the language of our preference.

5.      Support for PHP 8

As we all know that WordPress is written in PHP programming language, updates will be made to both WordPress and PHP language for enhanced features, bug fixes and for other features. PHP 8 was released just before the new WordPress version, and hence the developers will be excited to use modern code practices. Thus, the WordPress 5.6 version is also developed in such a way that it is compatible for the new version of PHP. The CMS of WordPress 5.6 is said to be beta compatible with PHP 8. Yet there is no decision made on when to stop the compatibility with the other older PHP versions.

6.      Other changes

The updates in jQuery were added just like the previous version and expected to add more on future updates. To ensure that jQuery is free from errors, users are asked to run the Test jQuery on their sites ahead of time. At present, 38 languages are supported by WordPress 5.6, and experts have said that another 70 languages are almost completed and expected to be released on the next version. To make this new update to the daylight, it has been reported that the large team worked on almost 350 Trac Tickets and pulled upto 1000 GitHub requests.

The new version WordPress 5.6 is named as “Simone” after the legendary jazz singer, song writer, musician and activist “Nina Simone”.  If you want to dig deeper about this new WordPress 5.6 update and its features, try checking their official website – WordPress 5.6 Field Guide.

It has been reported that the next version of WordPress will be released on March 9, 2021 tentatively with more advanced features and the tech savvy all around the world are super excited for the release. Many of the dedicated WordPress developers in India are involved in the next update too. Also, there is a suggestion box opened in the name of WordPress 5.7 wish list, where anyone can recommend what they are expecting in the next update.