Seven Ways Your Sales Team Can Use Marketing Automation Platform

Automating any part of your business can be such a relief, especially if you have a lot of customers to take care of. Marketing, being one of the crucial parts of every company, can steal a lot of your precious time that you could have rather spent on making new sales and closing new deals.

Introducing a marketing automation platform to your company could certainly bring you many benefits, and you will now see how your team can use it to be more efficient.  

Using a marketing automation platform

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To begin with, we should shortly describe what such a platform actually represents. In plain words, it is software that deals with all aspects of marketing without any need for human assistance.

Such a platform can manage all processes and campaigns and help you increase revenue by intelligent targeting and measuring. Marketing automation enables you to focus on other parts of the job while keeping you covered when sending emails, posting on social media, and collecting data. 

Now, the main question is how a sales team can use a marketing automation platform and benefit from it.

1. Viewing the customer data

You need to collect and implement certain customer data for every successful marketing strategy. Luckily for you, marketing automation tools have insight into all channels and social media to efficiently collect data about your prospects.

If you share this collected information with the sales team, they will be able to understand the customers better and make sure that the touchpoints are more personalized. As a result, you will certainly get higher conversions and an efficient workflow. 

2. Segmenting the audience 

Another great thing about marketing automation is the easy segmentation of your customers. Doing so will make your marketing campaigns much more profitable since you will have a better viewpoint of your audience.

The platform can segment your customers by using multiple filters, such as gender, age, or location. Later on, you will have a full collection of data that you can implement in your future marketing strategies and the organization of your business.

Besides all that, your customers will be much happier if you meet their needs and wishes. 

3. Tracking your leads

Tracking your leads is extremely important because this way, you can find out how your potential customers come to your website. They can get to it through your social media profiles by searching for certain keywords, clicking on ads, and many more.

However, marketing automation software will track and store all information by tracking links, predictive content, or ads so that your sales team can see the exact channels that your customers use to get to your products.

For example, suppose they mostly engage with your company through social media. In that case, you will tend to enhance your strategies by automatically leading your team to higher conversions and more sales. 

4. Lead scoring

Lead scoring is a crucial part of marketing automation tools since it allows you to automate the entire process of figuring out if the prospect will become your real customer.

By doing so, you can automatically see if a certain prospect is worthy of the effort and increase your team’s productivity. If a lead acquires enough points regarding his activity, he becomes a part of the sales process. 

5. Creating personalized messages

You probably know that most customers do not like general and all-encompassing e-mails and messages. If you wish to leave a positive impression on your customers, you should use marketing automation to create personalized messages.

Reaching out to your customers on a personal level can have a great outcome and bring you more sales.

6. Boosting efficiency

Doing something manually and having something automated cannot have the same results. By using marketing automation, you will seem much more professional, save a lot of time, achieve better results, and boost your efficiency on many levels.

Moreover, your team will be able to place their focus on more meaningful stuff that requires human touch and effort, such as selling.

7. Tracking your performance

With a marketing automation platform, tracking your overall score and performance regarding sales, workflow and profit has never been easier.

You will be able to track the performance of your marketing campaigns and improve your return on investment which should be 5 times higher. 


Understanding the needs of your customers, having insight into the channels they use, lead scoring, segmenting your customers, making personalized messages, and tracking your results are just some of the benefits that your sales team could use to generate more sales.

Marketing automation is certainly the future of marketing, so every serious and modern business should have it included.