Five+ Tools to Simplify Executive and Board Member Communications

Employees can collaborate on projects from everywhere globally using online collaboration and communication tools. In today’s workplace, working remotely circumstances or their features have grown normal.

With such a transition, it’s more important than ever for businesses to adopt the best online communication solutions to keep their staff on the same page.

There is a seemingly unlimited array of such distant networking communication solutions today. This article provides several amazing options for improving your team’s productivity and communication.

1. Alfresco

Companies can use Alfresco to manage any material, including simple office documents, scanned photos, photographs, engineering drawings, and even big video files. Business process automation with extensive documentation is possible with Alfresco’s built-in workflow.

Alfresco’s native collaboration options enable secure cooperation inside and beyond the firewall. It comes with all the tools you’ll need to search, modify, and store documents. Existing documents can be opened and updated with ease.

The Alfresco cloud can also be used to store files and documents. You can access and examine the most recent and prior versions of the same document using version control options.

2. ContractZen

ContractZen is a connectivity cloud-based software (SaaS) platform that allows users to manage, share, evaluate and integrate different files.

It also allows you and your members to access documents from anywhere globally. It is done over the internet on the service provider’s platform and is provided from the cloud.

ContractZen provides a programming interface for online services and apps and integration with popular documentation creation software such as Microsoft Word to allow enterprises control over document management.

3. keeps your complete team in sync. It doesn’t matter if you work in the office, from home, or anywhere else. It keeps your work organized and accessible on a single visual platform. can be customized to fit your team’s needs without requiring any technical knowledge. You can check your progress on your mobile app at any moment. Review your tasks in calendar mode to ensure that you never miss a deadline.

Assign additional assignments to board members available so that no one is overburdened. Data input, workflows, and other repetitive tasks can be automated so you can focus on more important responsibilities. Then assign responsibilities to ensure that nothing gets missed.

4. Toggl

Managers, stakeholders, and team members may easily plan and execute projects using the Toggl plan. With color-coded visualizations, it’s simple to cooperate, making communication transparent and preserving all work data in one place.

Managers can schedule work based on the availability and workload of their teams. Members of the team are given clear visual information and data about what will happen next. Furthermore, team members can collaborate on assignments.

Additionally, comments on assignments and file attachments can be used to exchange ideas. Partners can work together indefinitely without worrying about daily activities or meeting common deadlines.

5. Slack

Slack is a messaging tool that is increasingly being utilized in the workplaces of various businesses and the needs of specific projects. Slack is a chat app that allows you to communicate instantly. It is a free service.

The sole restriction with free Slack is that the message history is wiped after the workspace hits 10,000 messages. You can have direct one-on-one communication with your team members with this feature.

It is great that you can also establish open groups for anybody to join. Also, it supports integration with third-party programs that do automated publishing in pre-defined channels.

6. Govenda

Govenda is a prominent collaboration platform that allows teams to exchange files, presentations, video calls, and project discussions. You can do all that without getting overwhelmed, as the dashboard is simple to navigate.

Govenda aims to create targeted business operations. The platform is easy to use and provides dependable and secure features, such as team rooms. It has several unique features. It includes specialized advancements such as picture and link performance and making the necessary changes to meet corporate obligations.

7. Trello

Trello is a project management and organization tool used by many companies. The core premise is checklists and labels that correlate to groups and assignments, but this organizing principle is not required.

Trello is a platform that may be tailored to your specific organizing requirements. The following elements on each card are a description, a chronology, files, member remarks, achievement tag lists, tags, and more.

Finally, it is associated with a certain type of bulletin board used by software development teams. They can help your member stay on top of the assignments.  


For nearly any business task, there are online collaboration solutions. Your company can work from afar or from the office to use these tools.

Team members can use these tools to execute projects, optimize resources, and effectively reach a higher degree of transparency and unrivaled teamwork.