Simplify Your Desk Work with Samsung SCX-5835FN Driver

Handling office paperwork is quite time-consuming. Moreover, if you need to fax a document, and print and copy it using single-function machines located in different areas, you must require much time to do that. It is time to utilize a multifunction machine called the Samsung SCX-5835FN driver.

Why do you need to utilize the Samsung SCX-5835FN? It will take less time to handle office tasks such as printing, faxing, and copying with only one device. As a multifunction printer, Samsung SCX-5835FN comes up with brilliant features to fulfill your expectations. 

What to Expect from Samsung SCX-5835FN Driver

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Brilliant features of a printer must meet the expectation of users, especially the one who has various kinds of desk work in their daily office duties. Fortunately, Samsung SCX-5835FN provides amazing features to lighten your abundant paperwork.

1. Emulation Technology

Everybody wishes to have a printer that can handle any kind of document. Samsung SCX-5835FN fits basic and professional printed documents in good quality. The emulation technology enables this device to adapt to any software or computer. 

2. Multifunction

Samsung SCX-5835FN serves as a multifunction device that lets you print, fax, scan, and copy any documents. This device is very flexible to work since it has OCR processing, the user customizes software, and metadata to manipulate data.

You can even share the data via email, print, fax, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), or other sharing file applications. It is possible to share the information by workgroup LAN to another computer.

3. Scalable RAM

Large capacity and high performance of Samsung SCX-5835FN thanks to RAM 512 MB. No wonder, it can print documents quickly without disruption. In addition, you may update RAM to a higher capacity. This machine comes with an 80 GB hard disk drive.

4. One-Touch Panel

Enjoy how easy it is to operate a Samsung SCX-5835FN with a 7-inch LCD touch screen. This one-touch navigation lets you access the menu and accomplish the tasks with simple instructions. Even, you will not worry about a paper jam, since the intuitive troubleshooting will take care of it. 

5. User-Friendly Interface

Despite its multifunction role, the Samsung SCX-5835FN has a user-friendly interface so you can operate it easily. You can take advantage of features called User Tips to gain simple guidance to operate this multifunction device.

Notable Items in Samsung SCX-5835FN Driver

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Samsung SCX-5835 FN’s performance depends on items installed in this machine. With these remarkable specifications, the multifunctional Samsung SCX-5835FN printer can handle your administrative tasks efficiently. 

1. Resolution

Optimal resolution up to 1200 x 1200 DPI definitely will bring out clear printouts. This resolution size for copying also reaches 1200 x 1200 DPI. The optical scan resolution is 600 x 600 DPI but its maximum scan resolution reaches 4800 x 4800 DPI. The resolution for fax is 500 x 300 DPI. 

2. Technology

The monochrome printer supplied with laser technology is certainly ideal to handle a high volume of print jobs. CCD (charge-coupled device) is an essential technology to boost the scanning process. It offers fax broadcasting up to 209 locations. 

3. Speed

Speed to print documents reaches 33 ppm but it needs 8.5 seconds to print the first page. To copy documents, it requires 33 to 35 seconds depending on the paper size and type. Modem speed for fax is 33.6 Kbit/s.

4. Connectivity

To enjoy the multifunction of Samsung SCX-5835FN, you can connect it with USB, and Ethernet LAN.

5. Duty Cycles

The Samsung SCX-5835FN can print up to 80000 pages in a month. 

5. Paper Types and Capacity

Basically, Samsung SCX-5835FN can handle various types of paper such as card stock, bond paper, preprinted, recycled paper, plain paper, envelopes, transparencies, and labels.

The maximum print size is 216 x 356 mm. Samsung SCX-5835FN offers input capacity in 500 sheets and output capacity in 250 sheets. 

Currently, handling desk work is much simpler with a multifunction device like the Samsung SCX-5835FN driver. Everyone can operate it easily with its user-friendly interface and fantastic features.