How to Digitize Your Networks and Contacts

Technology plays a big role in helping modern businesses grow. The World Economic Forum notes that the digital economy is transforming operations in many ways, such as increasing remote work opportunities and upgrading the customer experience– two important aspects of running a successful business.

Our past article titled ‘How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Beginners in Ten Steps’ also highlights how the online sphere is now the top medium to find a wider audience and create a loyal customer base. You can do this by creating a well-thought-out strategy and doing plenty of market analysis.

But another way going digital could help is by upgrading your network and contacts pool. This helps you foster professional relationships that will advance your business and give you more entrepreneurial opportunities to increase your chance of success. If you want to digitize your current network, here are a few things you can do.

Integrate IoT Infrastructure

The internet of things (IoT) can be defined as an interconnected network of hardware and software that streamlines communication and enables seamless information exchange. If you are looking to digitize your network internally, integrating an IoT infrastructure into your organization can be extremely beneficial.

Since employees will have a singular space to instantly communicate and send information with each other, such as a shared drive or messaging platform, they will be able to better collaborate which can increase workplace efficiency and productivity.

When creating your own IoT strategy for your business, be sure to make use of the cloud as this will help make the data transfer more accessible. Forbes also notes that security should be of the utmost importance when transferring your network to a digital platform.

If your infrastructure is not secured, employees could accidentally provide a backchannel to your company for hackers to enter. Taking the necessary time to create a plan and make precautions will help you foster better professional relationships among your employees.

Use Digital Business Cards

When it comes to networking outside of your organization, having the right tools to easily give your contact information will not only help you be more prepared but also show prospective contacts that you are a professional.

In today’s digital age, paper business cards are becoming less attractive as a form of networking. This is because they can easily get lost or discarded. Instead, you can consider using digital business cards.

Doorway showcases how these cards can be extremely versatile and easy to use. All you need to do is have a prospective contact scan a QR code and your details will then be kept in their phone’s wallet. The card’s details can also be updated and real-time, taking away the need to have re-prints done.

With the QR code, you will also be able to track who has your information, which will give you an accurate number of who your contacts are. With these digital devices, you will be able to expand your professional network through a modernized take on age-old business practice.

Utilize Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence (AI) has many roles in business, it is typically underutilized when it comes to digitizing networks and contacts. In an article on ‘The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Networking’, AI Magazine notes how AI is changing the way people stay connected to each other. One of the best ways this technology can be utilized is by having it sort through pertinent data.

Over time, the information you have collected when crafting your professional network may become outdated or your contact may have changed industries. AI systems can be programmed to sort through this information, cross-reference whether the data is still correct, and weed out any contacts you might not need anymore.

They can also be used to upload contact information to a digital database, making it easier to access. Since AI technology is extremely malleable, there are many ways you can use it to sort through big data and digitize your network.

Going digital when it comes to crafting your network is the way to go. This will help you stay in better contact with other professionals within your industry and help you find opportunities to aid in business growth.

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