Samsung ML-3712DW Driver as Ideal Printer

In business, managing all the office duties is not that simple. If you have a hectic workload, you must require devices that can speed up your tasks, especially the tasks dealing with print jobs. Samsung ML-3712DW driver will optimize your work at the office. 

No matter what business your company runs, you must provide a printer. Even though the computer lets you create documents in soft copy, sometimes you still need to lay out the hard copy as well. Hence, you must look for an appropriate printer that can make your workload more efficiently. 

What Is So Compelling about The Samsung ML-3712DW Driver?

Samsung ml-1665 Driver and Mono Laser Printer

It is true that each printer has unique features. Therefore, they come at different prices too. Samsung ML-3712DW printer is a reliable monochrome printer with laser technology to ease you in handling print jobs. Of course, these features successfully attract anyone who has a lot of office duties.

1. High Performance

A busy office duty will become more productive as long as you have the Samsung ML-3712DW printer. Its processor 600 MHz can work really fast.

If the process of printing goes rapidly, you can make printing jobs much more efficient. 

2. Easy Setup

You will not go through complicated steps to set up the Samsung ML-3712DW printer. Most printers available in the market force you to set up a wireless network manually so other wireless devices can access your printer. 

Setting up the wireless connection in this printer is quicker because you only need to press the Wi-Fi Protected Set-up (WPS) button on the control panel. With this one-touch Wi-Fi setting, the printer will automatically configure the wireless network.

3. AnyWeb Print

AnyWeb Print is a software of Samsung ML-3712DW driver to let you capture any content on the Web and drop them on a printable board so you can print them rapidly. 

4. Eco Mode with Result Simulator

Another thing that makes the Samsung ML-3712DW so captivating is its eco mode. With a one-touch Eco button, your printer will go into save mode. It saves toner and paper whenever you print a document with duplex printing. 

Printing duplex is a strategy to save the environment and printing costs. You can even customize the printouts to become two or four pages in one sheet. The Result Simulator will notify you how much electricity, paper, and CO2 you can save with this feature. 

5. Upgradeable Memory

You don’t have to worry about how much workload the Samsung ML-3712DW printer can handle. This printer has standard RAM 256 to enhance the normal volume of printing jobs.

The interesting part is you can still upgrade RAM to 768 MB to take care of high-volume paperwork. 

6. Mobile Print

The process of printing is much easier with mobile printing. You just have to download the MobilePrint app on your smartphone before you print documents, photos, or web pages. 

Essential Parts of Samsung ML-3712DW Driver

The reason why you should own a Samsung ML-3712DW is its specifications that can accomplish plenty of workloads well. Here are the essential parts of Samsung ML-3712DW.

1. Speed

Printing any documents will only take a few seconds because Samsung ML-3712DW has a print speed of 35 ppm. It even has semi-retard roller to prevent paper jams. 

2. Resolution

To present clear graphics and text, you can optimize resolution up to 1200 x 1200 DPI.

3. Duty Cycle

As a monochrome printer, Samsung ML-3712DW allows you to print 80000 pages in a month. 

4. Paper Capacity

The input capacity of Samsung ML-3712DW is 250 sheets and the output is 150 sheets. The maximum input capacity is 770 sheets. 

5. Paper Types

Types of paper that Samsung ML-3712DW can print include cardstock, bond paper, envelopes, labels, preprinted, transparencies, plain paper, and recycled paper. The standard paper sizes are A4, A5, B5, A6, Folio, Letter, Oficio, Executive and Legal. 

6. Connectivity

You may connect the printer via USB, Wi-Fi, and ethernet to ease the printing process from any device. 

Furnish your workspace with the Samsung ML-3712DW driver that offers a lot of great features. It is an ideal monochrome printer to handle abundant print jobs.