Samsung ml-1665 Driver and Mono Laser Printer

The Samsung ml-1665 driver and mono laser printer is an ultra-small mono laser printer from Samsung. This mono laser printer promises convenience and is also easy to use for your various needs. Its elegant design makes this tool suitable for all environments, both professional and home environments.

Features of Samsung ml-1665

The Samsung ml-1665 is equipped with a variety of interesting and sophisticated technologies that are specially installed to meet your needs.

One feature that is rarely found in other printers is the low noise feature which makes this tool able to operate and complete its tasks without making loud and annoying sounds.

Therefore, this tool is very suitable to be installed in formal and professional business environments. Not only having a low noise feature, but this tool is also equipped with a one-touch printing feature.

Samsung provides a practical button on the body of the printer that allows users to print the documents they want quickly and efficiently.

Specifications of Samsung ml-1665 driver Driver and Printer

This mono laser printer has many interesting specifications. In general, the specifications of the Samsung ml-1665 driver and printer are more or less the same as its brother, the Samsung ml-1660. The following is a general discussion of the specifications of this tool.

1Interface and Technology

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As mentioned earlier, the Samsung ml-1665 is equipped with various advanced and interesting technologies that will really help you in moving the tasks you have.

Various technologies that have been used by Samsung in this printer make you as a user feel the efficient performance of this tool. With a consistent and durable system, you can produce quality, clear, and mess-free prints.

In addition, there is also a button interface system installed by Samsung to provide an efficient and fast print experience. With this button, you only need to press it once and you can immediately get the printout you want.


This connectivity specification is what makes the Samsung ml-1665 different from its other brothers, such as the ml-2525w.

The Samsung ml-1665 can only use connectivity via USB, while the Samsung ml-2525w can already be connected and operated with USB and ethernet connections.

But even though it can only be connected using USB, you can still get good and brilliant performance from the printer.

3. Design and Size of the Printer

As the name suggests, a small mono laser printer, the Samsung ml-1665 is compact in size which makes it suitable for use in office environments that are usually tight in space.

This tool has a width of 336 millimeters, a depth of 114 millimeters, and also a height of 156 millimeters. This size includes very mini when compared to other printers.

The Samsung ml-1665 mono laser printer only weighs 6.6 kg which makes it portable, making it perfect for busy office users who may require this device to be moved around a lot.

The stylish design is one of the striking things about this printer. The body is late designed with a sleek and simple design without having a lot of extras that make it elegant and clean. This display is suitable even for professional environments such as an office environment.

4. Power Consumption

In ready mode, this Samsung ml-1665 mono laser printer only consumes less than 65 watts. This figure is relatively small when compared to other printers that can consume more than 80 watts.

In addition, this printer also has an eco mode which allows this tool to save power when not in use.

Various specifications and features of the Samsung ml-1665 driver and printer that have been discussed above can give you an idea about this Samsung product.

This mono laser printer is suitable for all printing needs, be it the purposes of printing documents, labels, stickers, photos, and various other purposes.