Samsung clp-550 Driver and Printer

The Samsung clx-2160n driver and printer is a Samsung product that is promised to be able to meet various printing needs and all needs. Whether it’s for office printing needs, business printing needs, or home printing, all of these printers work well with this printer.

Features of Samsung clx-2160n

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This printer tool has features that provide a lot of convenience for you when using this tool. This tool is equipped with various professional technologies that make it one of the printers that can be your mainstay for carrying out your various print needs.

This tool can also be used to multitask. You can not only print, but you can also copy documents and scan them with this tool. Thanks to this multifunctional feature, you no longer need to buy a copier, scanner, and printer separately. You can save money by just buying this tool.

Equipped with a simple and easy-to-use interface, this feature will provide convenience for you to operate this printer. The interface system itself already features a little screen and a few buttons that can help you manage the printing process.

Specifications of Samsung clx-2160n Driver and Printer

Samsung clx-2160n driver and printer has many special specifications that make it recommended for you. Here is a brief explanation of some of its specification.

1. Colour and Resolution

The Samsung clx-2160n driver and printer can be used to produce printouts and also scan results in full color.

The colors produced by this printer and scanner are very vibrant and clear. Most printers usually still have prints with colors that do not match the desired image, but this tool is equipped with advanced technology that can answer these problems.

Not only in terms of color, but this tool can also print and scan in high resolution. For the print itself, this tool can produce printouts with a resolution of up to 2400 x 600 dpi effective output.

As for scanning, there is an enhanced mode that allows you to scan with a resolution up to 4800 x 4800 dpi.

2. Connectivity

There are two types of connectivity that you can use to connect this device to other devices, one of which is to use a USB scan which allows you to connect this device via USB and directly print what you want to print.

If you use a USB from this scan, you can use this printer without having to connect this printer to a PC. In this way, you can use this printer faster and take less time, so this tool is suitable for use in busy work environments as well as businesses.

Materials that can be connected by USB from scans only. You can also connect this printer via the internet network. You just have to connect this printer to an ethernet connection that is already connected to other devices. This way you can connect this printer to other devices such as a laptop PC or smartphone.

3. General Specification of Printer

This printer has been specially made for various purposes including business needs, office needs and also home needs.

That’s why Samsung has also presented their very sleek, modern, and stylish design so that this printer can fit into any environment, even a professional environment such as a business environment or an informal environment such as a home environment.

This tool has a width of 413 millimeters, a depth of 353 millimeters, and a height of 333 millimeters. This size is relatively small with the fantastic functions it offers. In addition, this printer also comes in a size of 15.46 kg. The size is light enough so that it is still possible for portable use.

You can find Samsung clx-2160n driver easily for free. This driver is used to set the printer so that it can work optimally.