Samsung ML-2010 Driver, the Right Choice for Home and Small Office

A lot of printers in the market will make you confused about choosing which one suits you best. For home office usage, a monochrome printer is enough to help you finish print jobs. Samsung ML-2010 driver is a good printer to handle your paperwork.

Samsung CLX-6260FD Driver as Incredible All in One Device

Everybody must find it hard to decide which printer can provide good performance but has a cheap cost. The Samsung ML-2010 printer is ideal for people with a normal volume of paperwork. Moreover, this device is easy to operate. 

What Are the Special Features that Samsung ML-2010 Driver Offer?

When it comes to monochrome documents, the Samsung ML-2010 is the right choice. You can see what kind of features make this monochrome laser printer capable of providing good quality output.


Samsung ML-2010 utilizes laser technology to ease the printing process likewise other modern printers do. This monochrome laser printer has a Samsung processor of 150 MHz and RAM of 8 MB.

This combination offers adequate performance for a monochrome printer.


You can adjust documents with resolutions up to 600 x 600 dpi to gain better output when you print a file.

Adjusting resolution is important in order to make the text look clear. Hence, you cannot choose a monochrome printer haphazardly.

Duty Cycle

All printers with various features surely have different duty cycles. For a monochrome printer, the Samsung ML-2010 performs well with a duty cycle of 5000 pages every month. Thus, this device is a perfect choice for small office or home usage. 

Print Language

SPL is an ideal page description language for monochrome printers. No wonder Samsung ML-2010 uses this print language as well.

Paper Capacity

The amount of input capacity that Samsung ML-2010 can handle is 150 sheets. The output capacity reaches 100 sheets. This capacity is relatively moderate for low-volume paperwork. 

Let’s Find Out the Details of the Samsung ML-2010 Driver 

If you are curious about the Samsung ML-2010 printer’s quality, you may take a look at the following technical details. Then, you can assess its performance and quality before you decide to purchase this printer. 


Most people wonder how fast a monochrome printer like Samsung ML-2010 can print a file. Apparently, the normal speed of this printer is 22 ppm for a document in letter format. For a document in A4 format, it takes 20 ppm. 

Principally, this speed is all right for home office usage. When you print the first page from ready mode, it only takes less than 10 seconds. We can consider that this printer can serve its duty well at this adequate speed. 


Just like other monochrome laser printers, to print a file using the Samsung ML-2010 driver, you have to connect it with a USB. The USB port is visible so it is not that difficult to connect it via USB when you want to print a document. 

Paper Handling

Each printer certainly has different specifications. It makes them differ in handling paper. The Samsung ML-2010 printer can hold paper sizes A4, B5, executive, folio, legal, letter, envelopes, labels, transparencies, and plain paper.  The optimal print size is up to 210 x 297 mm

Basically, the standard media sizes that you can adjust when printing a file are C5, B5, C6, 3 x 5 inches, and 8.5 x 14 inches. You can customize the media size from 76 x 127 mm up to 216 x 356 mm. 

Dimensions and Weight

The compact and elegant design of the Samsung ML-2010 surely gets anyone attracted. With a weight of 5.5 kg and dimensions of 358 x 300 x 260 mm you can easily move this device everywhere effortlessly. 

If you have no high volume of print jobs, you may pick the Samsung ML-2010 driver. It is the supreme device for small office or home usage. Its interesting features serve the printing jobs perfectly.