Samsung CLX-6260FD Driver as Incredible All in One Device

Probably several decades ago, it seemed impossible to fax, scan, print, and copy documents on one device. Thanks to technology development, you can enjoy doing these office jobs with only one machine like the Samsung CLX-6260FD driver.

Doing all these tasks in different machines surely takes more time. You can imagine how much electricity is used to power up the scanner, printer, fax, and copy machine respectively. The existence of multifunction printers saves your time and electric energy consumption. 

Items That Make Samsung CLX-6260FD Driver Amazing

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The multifunction printer is the best solution for people who have a high volume of paperwork. That is why people tend to choose Samsung CLX-6260FD to ease their job. It makes sense because Samsung CLX-6260FD offers amazing features as listed below.

All in One Printer

As a multifunction printer, it provides a lot of efficiency in handling paperwork. You can scan, print, copy and fax using this one device. It saves much time and energy in accomplishing your paperwork. 


With laser technology, Samsung CLX-6260FD serves its function perfectly. It uses color CISM technology to enrich scan quality. The Samsung CLX-6260FD driver definitely enhances the chores in the office. 

Duplex Printing

The Samsung CLX-6260FD enables you to do duplex printing to save paper. Duplex printing is ideal to print double sides of a paper automatically. 

Eco Button

In order to save paper and energy, you can push the Eco button so the drive will configure the printer into duplex and grayscale mode. 

Secure Printing

Cybersecurity Attack

You can secure a printing process by creating a PIN code before you retrieve documents. With this feature, nobody can access your confidential documents without inserting the correct PIN code. 

Mobile Printing

Enjoy printing a file from a mobile phone with the sophisticated Samsung CLX-6260FD. All you have to do is install the mobile print app and choose the correct device to print a file. 

Essential Things about Samsung CLX-6260FD Driver

You will see how great the Samsung CLX-6260FD is once you test it to print, scan, fax, or copy documents. Several items that support the amazing performance of Samsung CLX-6260FD are:


Basically, the Samsung CLX-6260FD has a standard memory of 512 MB, but you still can maximize its size to 1 GB. It comes with a flash disk 4 GB to keep files. 


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This multifunction device utilizes a DUal CPU 533 MHz to support all administrative tasks. Printer languages include PDF V1.7, SPL0C, PCL 5C, PCL 6 and PostScript 3.

Control Panel

The control panel implanted in this device covers a pin pad, 3 status LED lights, a soft power button, and an LCD touchscreen in 10.9 cm. 

Speed and Noise

The speed of this device is 25 ppm for printing, 20 pm for scanning, 25 CPM for copying, and 33.6 kbps for fax. Acoustic noise for printing is less than 52 dBA, while for copying is less than 54 dBA.


You should provide enough space in your office room to place a Samsung CLX-6260FD with dimensions 47.0 x 45.2 x 50.5 cm. It is a bit heavy since its weight is around 26.7 kg.

Power Consumption

In printing mode, it consumes 450-Watt electric energy. But it only consumes 2.4 Watt in sleep mode and 18 Watt in standby mode.


To do all the paperwork, you may connect your computer to this printer via Wifi Direct, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. 

Paper Handling

The paper types that Samsung CLX-6260FD can handle are thin, thick, cardstock, plain, letterhead, envelope, label, bond, cotton, transparency, preprinted, hole punched, glossy, archive, recycle, and colored paper. 

Standard paper size to print with this device starts from 7.6 x 12.7 cm up to 21.6 x 35.6 cm. The maximum output tray is 100 sheets. The input tray is 250 sheets. For normal usage, it can print 60.000 pages per month. 

With high technological items in the Samsung CLX-6260FD driver, you can enjoy print, scanning, faxing, and copying files in no time. The amazing features optimize the output.