Make Your Workday Easier with Samsung CLX-3305FW Driver

Are you looking for a multifunction printer? Then, you should consider the Samsung CLX-3305FW to make your job at the office more efficient. You must feel excited to see how the Samsung CLX-3305FW driver can optimize your administrative tasks at the office. 

Doing administrative tasks such as printing, scanning, and faxing is a bit troublesome, especially if you are in a hurry. It becomes worse if the position of the printer, scanner and fax is away from each other. It is time to end this hassle by utilizing Samsung CLX-3305FW, a sophisticated multifunction printer. 

Things That Make Samsung CLX-3305FW Driver So Helpful 

You probably find several types of printers that offer interesting features. However, none of them can beat the Samsung CLX-3305FW.

As a multifunction printer, Samsung CLX-3305FW has some features to let you do administrative tasks faster and more efficiently. 

1. Multifunction Technology

A high technological laser embedded in the Samsung CLX-3305FW enhances this device to perform tasks including printing, scanning, copying, and faxing.

That is why people call it a multifunction color printer. In addition, it has ReCP technology to optimize the quality of color printing. 

2. Solution Support

To produce high-quality printouts, there is software support in the Samsung CLX-3305FW driver

3. Document Creator

This device allows you to create documents in multiple formats and share them via fax, email, or social network because it has a feature called Document Creator.

4. One-Click Print

With one click on the device, you will save much time to print a document. You can print both sides of the paper to save paper. 

5. Eco Button

You can save energy, paper, and toner if you print a document with Samsung CLX-3305FW. You just have to push the Eco button. 

6. Color Manager

By adjusting the color profiles in Samsung’s Color Manager, you can create attractive colorful printouts as you want. 

7. Polymerized Toner

Any colored documents printed with this device will look more vivid since it has polymerized toner with tiny particles. Besides, the thick wax content makes the printout glossy and keeps it from fading. 

8. Mobile Printing

Samsung CLX-3305FW allows you to print documents using your mobile phone. It is surely more efficient and convenient because you don’t have to install a Samsung CLX-3305FW driver.

To print using mobile, you just need to install the application. Afterward, you have to choose the device and print the file. With mobile printing, you can accomplish print jobs anytime and anywhere without sitting in front of a computer. 

Product Details of Samsung CLX-3305FW

Before you purchase the Samsung CLX-3305FW, it is better to know the details of this device. It might help you to recognize the specification that meets your needs. Here is the specification of the Samsung CLX-3305FW.

1. Paper Handling

The normal capacity of input is 150 sheets while output capacity is 50 sheets. The maximum paper size is A4 with a print size of 216 x 356 mm.

Types of paper that Samsung CLX-3305FW can handle are plain paper, transparencies, glossy paper, labels, and card stock.

2. Speed

To print monochrome pages in normal quality, it requires 14 seconds with a speed of 18 ppm. To print coloring pages in normal quality, it needs 26 seconds with a speed of 4 ppm. In copying colored documents, its speed reaches 4 CPM, while copying monochrome documents takes 18 CPM. 

3. Resolution

The maximum resolution in printing is 2400×600 DPI. On the other hand, the resolution for the scan starts from 600×600 DPI up to 4800×4800 DPI. It uses scan technology called CIS (Contact Imaging Sensor).

4. Processor 

The processor inside Samsung CLX-3305FW is a Dual CPU 533MHz with a memory of 128 MB. This device has an LCD as well. 

5. Connectivity

It is possible to connect it via USB port, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi Direct. 

5. Dimension

This printer has a compact design with a size of 406 x 362 x 288.6 mm.

If you want to save your time and energy to print, scan, copy, or fax documents, you should consider the Samsung CLX-3305FW driver. It has astonishing features.