Get Samsung CLP-415NW Driver for Better Results

Selecting a printer must consider several things such as its specification, cost, and quality. Make sure you choose the one that can meet your needs. In this case, the Samsung CLP-415NW driver is a good option for anyone who often prints colored documents. 

When you want to print photos, sometimes the result is below your expectation. Color fading frequently happens if you print a document using a random printer without technology to optimize color. Fortunately, Samsung CLP-415NW can produce attractive output.

Items Supporting Samsung CLP-415NW Driver

All items implanted in Samsung CLP-415NW have their own roles. They perform well in order to create a good printed job. The capability of this device in printing high-quality output is the adequate features below.

ReCP Technology

Every time you print photos or colored documents with Samsung CLP-415NW, you will see vivid and sharp images on paper. Basically, this printer uses laser technology. It also has an additional item called ReCP (Rendering Engine for Clean Pages) technology to beautify images. 

In addition, the polymer toner and a dense concentration of wax increase the image quality on paper. It even prevents your paper from curling and fading. Small particles in polymerized toner give sharp and fine gradation toward images. 

Toner Cartridge

The Samsung CLP-415NW is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t like changing toner cartridges. It has a push loading drawer to ease toner replacement.

Its cartridge capacity is relatively high so you don’t need to replace toner frequently. 

Remote Print Control

Another amazing feature of this device is the maximum control in printing. You can adjust anything in the Printer Manager to control all devices, check toner status, set alerts, or change settings from one place.

Mobile Print

There is nothing more convenient than printing from a mobile phone. You don’t have to install the Samsung CLP-415NW driver when you print using mobile devices. You just need to install a mobile print application before you print a file. 

Color Manager and Eco Driver

To optimize the result, you may adjust color saturation, balance, contrast, and brightness in Color Manager before you print a file.

Besides, the eco driver enables you to create documents in multiple formats and share them with your colleagues via social networks. 

What Does Samsung CLP-415NW Look Like?

You will never know what the Samsung CLP-415NW and its performance are like if you do not see the detailed specification of this device.

The detailed specifications below will help you decide whether the Samsung CLP-415NW is the one that you are looking for. 

Print Speed

To print a monochrome file takes 18 ppm. The time to print the first page of both monochrome and colored documents is around 16 seconds. 

Paper Handling

This printer has an input capacity of 250 sheets and an output capacity of 100 sheets. The paper size that fits this printer is A4, A6, A5, B5, Letter, folio, oficio, index card, and executive. The maximum print size is 216 x 356 mm.

Types of paper that Samsung CLP-415NW can print are glossy paper, card stock, recycled paper, thin paper, plain paper, preprinted paper, labels, and envelopes. The standard width of paper is 76 up to 216 mm, while the length is 127 up to 356 mm.


You can connect to the Samsung CLP-415NW printer via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB.

General Features

A 533 MHz processor and memory of 256 MB in Samsung CLP-415NW increase its great performance. It has a 2-Line LCD for optimal display. 


Its compact size with a weight of 16.62kg and dimension of 420 x 426 x 264 mm makes it ideal to furnish your small office. 

To choose a printer that suits your needs, you have to look into its features carefully. If you want to get optimal results for colored documents, you should consider the Samsung CLP-415NW driver.