Five Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2023

We have grown so much thanks to technology, and so much information and resources are available to us anytime.

Whenever we need answers to certain questions, the Internet is the first thing we turn to. I think the biggest users of the Internet are students; the reason for this is so many people online offering all kinds of information in the form of videos, charts, images, and anything imaginable.

Over the years, the term Ed Tech appeared as a combination of education and technology and represented companies or individuals that create educational technology.

But, sometimes, finding these tools is not the easiest since so many of them exist. For that reason, we have put together a short list of the best, in our opinion, ones we have found.

1. Kahoot

Let’s start with a famous one many of us already know about. Kahoot has become super popular due to its easy and fun way of learning. A teacher can make a Kahoot super quick, and the students will surely love it!

The Kahoots can be made on any language and any subject/topic. And for the old-school teachers looking for a new way to transfer knowledge to their students, there are tons of online tutorials on how to use Kahoot.

2. Headspace

Mental health is something often neglected when it comes to students. But, I think that the time has come to deal with this issue and that teachers should be aware of their students’ problems.

Headspace helps teachers allow their students to deal with stress and other emotions in the healthiest way possible.  It offers tons of visuals and a few ways that will help you connect with your students or simply help them feel better.

3. Flip

Flip is a really cool tool for both teachers and students. It allows teachers to record a video or a voice recording asking a series of questions.

After that, students can get involved by answering those questions and recording a video or voice. Teachers can make smaller groups of students, and materials can be shared inside the groups.

4. Bulb Digital Portfolio

Teachers believe that the use of digital learning tools will increase in the future, and everything started during the pandemic. Since everything, including books, has become digitalized for students, it is important to have a portfolio where you can store all of your homework, tests, worksheets, and even videos, quizzes, and so on.

Bulb Digital Portfolio allows you to do just so. It will serve you as a  portfolio that will hold everything that you might need and be with you at all times. All of your papers can be accessed at any time and from every device (laptop, phone, tablet, and so on).

5. Explain Everything Whiteboard

Since a lot of lectures are done online, sometimes it is hard to fully explain something to your students due to the lack of a physical approach.

For this reason, you want to ensure that every tool you are using to communicate and present lessons to your students is filled with interactive features, so your students can take part in your lessons as well. Explain Everything Whiteboard is packed with all kinds of aids to help you present what you want in the best way possible.


Technology will definitely keep on growing, and the possibility of schools fully switching to online lectures is a possibility.

For this reason, tools like these are super beneficial to keep in mind. All of them offer a completely new approach when it comes to school and learning.

We hope that these tools seem interesting enough to give a try. Hopefully, you have found this article helpful and enjoyable.