Best Tools for SEO Managers: Get Your Business on the Top of the Rank

We are all familiar with the stress of running a business. Stress can eat you up inside and diminish your workflow, motivation, and creativity in your respective field. Tolls like this are especially common with managers, on whose shoulders most of the burden lies. It is no less accurate for SEO managers, who should make sure their business runs as smoothly as possible to minimize loss.

Therefore, a manager can integrate specific tools into their system daily to stay on top of the competition and attract more customers into the business. This article will include some of the best tools made for those purposes, so take a look and see if anything might suit your system.

1. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is one of the most reliable SEO manager tools, which will help you enhance your standing in the industry while staying a step ahead of your competition. It includes the monitoring and tracking of keywords, allowing you to follow your position in search results.

Besides, it serves as a great insight tool that gives you near-instant feedback on all of the points of interest on your sites. Speaking from a software standpoint, this tool is arguably the most professional out of all these choices, so give it a try!

2. SpyFu

In most cases, your competition’s progress is going to be just as crucial as your progress. To this end, you can use SpyFu, an SEO tool that can help you “spy” on your competitors to see where they stand in web searches, allowing you to strategize and alter your content to appear more frequently.

The information you can gather from SpyFu includes, but is not limited to, competitor keyword searches, monthly clicks, ads they run on Google campaigns, and information on their competition (yes, it goes that far). It is a free tool that anyone can get, but it can best be utilized by SEO managers.

3. SEOQuake

As a manager, your job is to stay on top of changes in the industry and the market. To ensure that you can use everything at your disposal, it would be prudent to look at SEOQuake, a free browser extension that gives you instant feedback and analytics for all of your points of interest.

Any webpage can be analyzed to provide all necessary SERP data at the push of a button. It is achieved by implementing SEOQuake as a browser extension to go to a site, decide that you want to analyze it, press a button, and have everything you need.

4. Screaming Frog

Up next, we have a strangely-named SEO tool, but don’t let that fool you. With Screaming Frog, you can access highly in-depth information regarding up to 500 URLs (in the free version, unlimited in the paid one).

When you start “crawling,” you can extract metadata from hundreds of sites to analyze and compare, find broken links and duplicate content, and anything else that comes to mind. An all-around helpful tool, you should check out Screaming Frog if you want maximum analysis.

5. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is a top-rated manager tool that serves as an all-in-one package to test for 100+ issues that might be hindering your site. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface that is tailored to approach any problem smoothly and seamlessly.

Besides overall SEO health, it also allows you to check your backlink data using a website crawler, thus offering you more data for your sites. Keyword tracking is included, so managers can monitor search engines’ keywords daily to find your site. It can also provide you with any additional data regarding any of the sections on the sites.

6. AnswerThePublic

Keywords are often the aspect of searches that defines your site and are the common denominator for eventually finding your site and establishing a business. Using AnswerThePublic, you can get raw data for keywords that Google searches use daily.

These keywords use the data from searches to create ideas tailored to help your site and provide your customers with a direct path to your business. Aside from this, it gives you ideas for content to create and ideas for keywords to use for your site.


With that, we have come to the end of the article. These tools were made by competent people who know what they are doing, so each of them is bound to increase your productivity and efficiency, one way or the other.

The most important thing to take away from this is to create a plan of action, define your goals and utilize tools to their, and your, maximum potential.