Unique Samsung M2022 Driver Laser Printer

The M2022 is the name of the Samsung printer. This printer comes with laser technology and is also a member of the Xpress family. This M2022 is equipped with one cartridge with a monthly maximum duty cycle of 10.000 pages. Samsung M2022 Driver printer comes in two options: silver and black.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a printer that can print colors, this M2022 is not the right solution since it can only print black. This printer can hold up to 150 sheets on the input tray and can hold up to 100 sheets on the output tray.

Features of Samsung M2022 Driver

Samsung ML-3712DW Driver as Ideal Printer

Knowing the features of this Samsung printer will help you see what the printer can do for you. Then you can decide whether this printer is what you need for your own business.

Here are some features of the M2022 you can compare to the other similar laser printers.

LED features

This laser printer by Samsung is completed with a power LED and standby LED that helps you see what mode the printer is.

The printer also has an Easy Eco panel that allows you to preview your print job as well as enables you to choose the options like the use of lower toner.

A better printer than an inkjet printer

THE Samsung M2022 printer is completed with a single-piece drum and toner cartridge. The cartridge will slide into the printer’s depths.

This cartridge’s capacity is 1,000 pages, quite low for a laser printer but much higher than the inkjet printers with the same price.

Compact design

This Samsung M2022 comes in compact size when the printer is closed. When the printer is opened, its front panel will fold down and become the feed tray. And there will be paper support that is going to fold out from the top and take a steep angle.

Samsung M2022 Driver Specifications

Knowing the features of a printer isn’t enough. You also need to understand the specs of this printer so that you can compare this M2022 with the other printers from the Xpress family or from the other brands. Check out the complete specs of the Samsung M2022 from the list below.

Processor and memory

The performance of this laser printer by Samsung is good. The processor’s frequency is 600 MHz and the printer is equipped with a 128 MB internal memory.

Physical dimensions

If you are looking for a laser printer for a home offer, the one that will fit on the corner of your working desk, this M2022 is the right choice. Its size is just 332×215×178 mm (width × depth × height). And the printer’s weight is just 3.97 kg.

Communication interface

Unfortunately, the only communication interface Samsung added to this printer is just the USB 2.0 port. This printer does not support mobile printing technologies, Ethernet LAN, or WiFi. You cannot print using an M2022 printer directly from your mobile device.

Paper handling

The maximum printing size allowed for this M2022 printer is 216×356 mm. Samsung allows you to print on various types of paper using this M2022 printer.

For example, you can print on envelopes, bond paper, labels, pre-printed, recycled paper, thin paper, thick paper, and transparencies.

Printing speed

When you print black texts on normal quality using Letter and A4 paper, this M2022 will print up to 20 pages per minute. The first page will start printing your data in 8.5 seconds.


Samsung M2022 will consume 310 W of power in printing mode. In standby mode, it will only consume 30 W. In PowerSave mode, the printer will consume 1.1 W only.

Ready to get the right laser printer for your business? Consider this Samsung M2022 Driver printer and compare its specs and features with the other laser printers that come to your mind.