Top Ten Shopify Apps to Power Up Your Online Store in 2022

Do you want to optimize your Shopify store in 2022? Shopify is a platform that includes everything you’ll need to get your online store up and running, maintain it, and advertise it. It offers a website, web hosting with unlimited bandwidth, a shopping cart, checkout via Shopify or external payment options.

It also allows for different shipping options, stock management tools, and a fully customized mobile version of your website for smart device customers. Here are apps that can help you take your Shopify store to another level. 

1. Easy Facebook & Instagram Ads

You can approve your personalized ad images, messages, and target audiences with just one click, while the Easy Facebook & Instagram Ads smart algorithms produce and keep high ads to help you sell more. 

2. Sumo: Boost Conversion & Sales

Sumo is a free Shopify involve tool that helps you develop your email list, increase conversions, and drive purchases to your web retailer.

There’s no need for any other automated email applications with Sumo, and you have the added benefit of being able to deliver an auto-response when your clients sign up.

3. Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos

Yotpo currently assists thousands of successful e-commerce business owners in moving their businesses forward by utilizing and combining data-driven systems for review management, customer loyalty, SMS marketing methods, and more. You may even import reviews from PowerReviews, Bazaarvoice,, Rivyo, and Loox into Yotpo.

4. Bold Upsell – True upsells!

Shopify store owners use Bold Upsell to promote improvements or complementary products to users to substitute or insert items into their shopping cart.

You can create your first upsell proposal and begin offering and providing better quality in minutes. Also, your upsell and cross-sell offers are triggered where and when you want them to be, following your store’s design.

5. Referral Candy

Referral Candy assists you in generating sales with the least amount of work. Shopify and Shopify Plus e-commerce shops have chosen ReferralCandy to manage their referral programs.

With an easy-to-use referral program, one of the finest Shopify applications for increasing sales, building social verification, increasing customer loyalty and retention, and driving profits.

6. Trust Hero – Trust Badges

Trust Hero, a Shopify tool, can resolve payment security issues and worries about abandoned carts. You can help your customers feel more secure by displaying Trust Hero’s free payment and security badges on your product and checkout pages.

Make your own set of fully customizable symbols and badges to boost buyer trust in your product and company. Plus, badges may be made in just a minute and provide your company with a lifetime of trust.

7. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Smile – Rewards and Loyalty work with Shopify companies to help them improve their success by providing a simple loyalty program through a well-known and trusted rewards app.

Smile allows Shopify store owners to increase sales from existing customers with personalized referrals, dynamic pop-up communication, point and incentive programs, and more, in contrast to more intense lead generation. Users may quickly create a rewards program that complements their current business.

8.  SMS, Web Push, Email – FirePush

FirePush features message kinds for every stage of your e-commerce funnel, from abandoned cart recovery to welcome new subscribers to boosting sales with promo campaigns.

It also delivers a large selection of programs and automation for SMS, internet explorer push notifications, and email, all of which have a high impact. To attract more users into loyal clients, you may use these communications, which Firepush has expertly planned.

9. Privy ‑ Pop-Ups, Email, & SMS

Privy is a free toolbox that includes email, advertising, transition, and SMS capabilities, as well as popups and ads to help you avoid leaving your Shopify store and develop your email list.

It’s completely customizable, with mobile-friendly displays that include email pop-ups, posters, flyouts, email collection tools, and much more. There are no developer skills required.

10. Tidio – Live Chat & Chatbots

Tidio is a free Shopify live chat solution that uses Chatbots and brand management optimization to improve client satisfaction with their shopping experience.

It also enables you to be virtually present with your customer and promptly respond to their questions, which is usually a smart strategy to boost market and customer engagement. Being available when your store’s customers require assistance helps stop them from switching to a competitor’s store.


One of the most critical aspects of your online business is creating an appealing e-commerce store. Receiving additional orders day by day will never be that difficult if you correctly build up a website or product page.

You can minimize load time by changing your hosting provider, lowering picture size, uninstalling extra add-ons, and so on by using Shopify apps. Add a reviews app to a prominent location, such as the header. All those apps can help you profit and attract new customers to your Shopify store.