Samsung M2022W Driver Review: Features and Specifications

There are lots of budget monochrome laser printers on the market. But not many can do their job well and fast and offer wired and wireless connectivity options.

The M2022W is one of them. In this post, we review the features and specifications of the Samsung M2022W driver.

Features of the Samsung M2022W Driver

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Small footprint and portable

With dimensions of only 13.07 x 8.46 x 7.01 inches, the printer has a small footprint, thus freeing your desk for other items. It has great portability as well, weighing only 8.7 lbs.

Fast printing, good-quality output

The printer is not only fast, capable of printing up to 20 pages per minute, but also produces good-quality prints. It is fast, but its speed doesn’t come at the expense of print quality.

Wired and wireless connectivity options

You can connect the M2022W to a PC, smartphone, or tablet via USB 2.0, wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi, as well as Near Field Communication (NFC).

Easy Eco

The Samsung M2022W driver includes an Easy Eco panel. You can preview a print job using the panel and select options such as duplex print, multiple pages per sheet, and lower toner use.

Specifications of the Samsung M2022W Driver


The M2022W is a monochrome laser printer manufactured by Samsung. It is a one-function printer designed to be a capable personal mono printer. Considering all the features it offers, it succeeds in becoming one.

At 13.07 by 8.46 by 7.01 inches, the M2022W is compact. Besides having a small footprint, it is also lightweight, weighing only 8.7 lbs. With such a weight, one person can move it easily.

It is capable of fast printing but doesn’t sacrifice its output quality. Despite its speed, the Samsung M2022W driver doesn’t compromise its print quality. Its 1,200 x 1,200 dpi maximum resolution produces sharp text, clear images, and smooth-looking prints.


The M2022W can print as many as 20 pages per minute. Its first print-out time is about 8.5 seconds.


Many budget printers offer only wired connections, but not so with the M2022W. This is one of the areas where the printer excels at. It supports not only wired but also wireless connectivity options.

You can connect the M2022W to a PC, smartphone, or tablet via USB 2.0, wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi, and NFC. These connectivity options ensure seamless print jobs using a wired or wireless connection.

Paper capacity

The M2022W has a total paper capacity of 251 sheets, divided between a 250-sheet input tray, a 1-sheet multipurpose tray, and a 150-sheet output tray.

Paper handling

The printer can handle various paper types and sizes. It can handle plain, thin, thick, recycled, pre-printed labels, envelopes, bond paper, and transparencies for types. For sizes, the M2022W can handle A4, A5, B5, and C5.

Output quality

The output quality of the M2022W is quite good for a printer in its price range. The text is dense and very sharp. Greyscale graphics are clean as well, with only little banding.

Memory and processor

The M2022W is equipped with a 128 MB internal memory and powered by a 600 MHz processor.

Sound level

On standby, it has a sound level of 26 dB. When printing, it has a sound level of 50 dB.

Power consumption

When it is on standby, the printer consumes 30 W. While printing, it consumes 310 W, while on PowerSave Mode, it consumes only 1.1 W.

If you are looking for a good budget mono laser printer, the Samsung M2022W driver is worth checking out. It is fast, produces good-quality prints, offers wired and wireless connectivity options, and supports mobile printing. Not to mention it has a small footprint and great portability, too.