8 Cool Tech Gifts to Buy in 2021 to Impress a Gadget Geek

Since you’re reading this, I’ll bet you like technology. You probably own one or more of today’s “hi-tech” conveniences already (a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), but what about in 2021? Will they be outdated? Did your significant other say something about getting you a gift for the holidays? Maybe not. But they would if you bought any of these eight cool tech gifts to buy in 2021 that will still impress a gadget geek!

If you don’t know what any of this means or why it matters, check out:

1. VR Headset from Oculus VR

In case you don’t know, “virtual reality” or VR is an interactive computer-generated experience that takes place within a simulated environment. It incorporates auditory and visual feedback to give users the illusion of being in another place (or time). If you thought Pokémon Go was cool. But by 2021, the game’s technology will likely seem like old news. So I’d recommend buying your tech geek one of these virtual reality headsets! They’re better because they cover your entire face. You can get them at Amazon starting around $25-$30. Btw, did you know you can get free stuff on amazon

2. The Moto 360 Mirrorless Smartwatch

I’m pretty sure “smartwatches” are going to be all the rage in 2021. But you might not want to buy one now because there will probably be newer, better technology… So I’d recommend getting your tech geek a mirrorless smartwatch. They’re similar to regular watches, except they have built-in apps that let you do almost anything. That includes taking photos with your wrist! How cool is that? These kinds of watches are available now, but this style isn’t expected until 2020. 

3. The Instant Pot DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

These babies automate your cooking for you and free up time to do the things you love (like eating chicken wings). As a meat-eater myself, meat is my favorite food, and I think this cool tech gadget would be especially useful when everyone’s too busy to cook a feast!

4. The Microsoft Surface Go Tablet

For those of us who like smaller screens, we should probably embrace tablets instead of smartphones. That’s because, in 2021, phones will most likely still be a little too small to do anything useful on. So a tablet will probably make more sense. I know what you’re thinking, though. “But tablets are so 2015!” And they were! But this is almost 2020, and things change. So if you want your tech geek to have the latest tools for work or play, get them this cool tablet. It features an Intel Cherry Trail processor with a built-in Windows 10 S operating system (OS).

5. The AirSelfie 2 Drone

If your significant other doesn’t mind spending some money on Christmas 2021 to take better/videos of them, I suggest buying them the ” AirSelfie 2 Drone “. I know what you’re probably thinking. “But I can already take videos of myself with my phone!” And yes, that’s true. But they look awful! Your selfies are just one part of your life, and it looks bad when all anyone sees is these poorly taken photos. However, if you have a drone that takes great quality pictures, they’ll be more interested in sharing their lives with you! These are available now, but new models are coming out every year, so this won’t be the best option until 2024 at the earliest.

6. Razer Project Linda Laptop Dock

This is the most interesting of all the cool tech gifts to buy in 2021 because you can charge your phone with it. But also use your phone as a laptop since it has its screen, keyboard, and mouse! That’s so cool! Of course, I think the best way for this gift to be used is when you want to game or work on something but don’t have room for your computer and phone. That way, you can just use your Razer Project Linda Laptop Dock instead!

7. The HTC Vive Pro Virtual Reality Headset

If spending up to $2k seems too much, I’d recommend buying this virtual reality headset instead. Not only is the HTC Vive Pro Virtual Reality Headset around $100 less, but it’s also a lot more powerful! I know what you’re probably thinking. “But I can already do this with my phone!” And yes, that’s true. But these are better since they fit over your entire head, and you don’t have to hold them up to your face. So if you want to take gaming or watching movies on another level, get yourself the HTC Vive Pro Virtual Reality Headset!

8. Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2 Graphics Tablet

Woah! This isn’t even a smartwatch. It’s a graphics tablet! If you didn’t know what they were before, you’d probably think they look like an iPad when you get one. But what’s even cooler is that you can draw or paint on them with your fingers! That’s only the best part of this product, though, because it also has Bluetooth capabilities to connect to all sorts of cool things like your phone, laptop, and even art programs.


So there you have it! Eight cool tech gifts to buy in 2021 that will impress a gadget geek! When creating your holiday wish list, just remember that everyone likes something different when it comes to technology. And if you’re unsure about any of the products on this list, just check out my linked descriptions or do some more research to find the perfect gift for your significant other.